Para-fermionization and condensation, Zn Para-fusion Categories and beyond

Speaker:  Jin Chen

Date:    2022.11.24

Time:   15:00-16:00

Venue: BIMSA 1131

Zoom: 293 812 9202   Passcode: BIMSA



In recent years, our understanding on (categorical) symmetries has been greatly evolved in terms of topological defect surfaces in QFTs of various dimensions. In this talk, I will discuss the features of a class of topological defect lines (TDLs) which correspond to (non-invertible) 0-form or 1-form symmetries in 2d parafermionic CFTs or 3d anyon theories respectively. The talk is three-folded that these TDLs can be studied in a pure 2d CFT perspective via a bottom-up approach; Or we can lift the TDLs into 3d anyon theories and understand them from the viewpoint of parafermionic condensation in a top-down way; In addition, I will also explain the mathematical structures behind the TDLs in parafermion/anyon theories, in terms of a generalized fusion category, Zn para-fusion categories. The talk is based on a upcoming work jointly collaborated with Qing-Rui Wang.



[Geometry and Physics Seminar]