[BIMSA-Tsinghua Quantum Symmetry Seminar] On Low Rank Fusion Rings


Speaker:  Gert Vercleyen

Time:     15:00-16:00

Date:       2022/06/08

Venue:     1108

Zoom:361 038 6975     Passcode:BIMSA



We present a method to generate all fusion rings of a specific rank and multiplicity. This method was used to generate exhaustive lists of fusion rings up to order 9 for several multiplicities. A website containing data on fusion rings is introduced and an introduction to a Wolfram Language package for working with these rings is given.


Speaker Intro:

I'm Gert Vercleyen, a Ph.D. student under Joost Slingerland at Maynooth University. My main interests lie in classification and calculation of exact data regarding Fusion Rings and Fusion Categories. The main goal of my thesis would be to set up computational resources for researchers in the field of tensor categories and anyon theory in physics. At the moment a rudimentary version of the anyonwiki: http://www.thphys.nuim.ie/AnyonWiki/index.php/Main_Page, a wikipedia-style website about fusion rings, fusion categories, and anyon models can already be found online. A series of Wolfram Language packages for computing and probing properties of fusion rings and fusion categories is on its way to be released soon.


Reference: https://arxiv.org/abs/2205.15637