Algorithms and models in Natural Language Processing II

Speaker: Haihua Xie

Time: 10:40 - 12:15, every Wednesday,Friday, 3/16/2022 - 6/10/2022

Venue: 1110

Zoom ID: 638 227 8222PasswordBIMSA


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an important research area in Artificial Intelligence. NLP mainly studys how to use computer technology to process linguistic texts. The specific research problems in NLP includes recognition, classification, extraction, transformation and generation of lexical, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic information. This seminar will introduce the basic concepts and methods in NLP, as well as some classical algorithms and models.



Computer Science, Machine Learning



Dr. Haihua Xie receives a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Iowa State University in 2015. Before joining BIMSA in Oct. 2021, Dr. Xie worked in the State Key Lab of Digital Publishing Technology for many years. His research interests include Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Service. He published more than 20 papers and obtained 5 invention patents. In 2018, Dr. Xie was selected in the 13th batch of overseas high-level talents in Beijing and was hornored as a "Beijing Distinguished Expert".



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